Locate at Seattle, USA

Pier 62/63,Pool Barge

Worked with Michael Mariano, John Feit, Emily Woods.


The Waterfront Program covers 26 city blocks from Pioneer Square to Belltown and includes a rebuilt Elliott Bay Seawall, new parks and paths, access to the water, places to enjoy views, vibrant public and cultural spaces, and a new urban street that will accommodate all modes of travel and provide an important connection in the city’s transportation system. The pool barge is one of the design elements which located 65 feet south of pier 62/63.

I participated the project during the schematic design phase working with chief designer and project team. I not only shared my idea of conceptual design, but also produced graphic presentations, physical models, 3D renderings, and design drawings.

The design is trying to enhance the experience of being on the bay, reduce the scale of the barge when experienced from the pier, and minimize environmental impacts and enhance habitat value of the near shore zone. Offsetting the barge from the pier reduced the cumulative effects of otherwise combined barge and pier shadows and also created an eddy of reduced wave action between the barge and pier that is valuable to fisheries.


The existing 1.7-acre Pier 62/63, which is in need of structural retrofitting, will be demolished to make way for a new 1.5-acre Pier 62/63. The new pier will be reshaped and will contribute 1.5 acres to the largest contiguous public open space within the Core project Area. Pier 62/63 will be surrounded by water on its southern, western, and northern sides. Neighboring sites include the future promenade and Overlook Walk to the east, the Seattle Aquarium to its south, the Waterfront Landing condominiums to its northeast, and Bell Harbor Marina to its north. A gangway and floating dock is proposed to connect to the southern edge of Pier 62/63 which will support direct boat access, as well as serve as moorage for a future pool barge.